17/11/17 – 19/11/17



Y Capel yn falch iawn o groesawu Melissa Pasut a Andrew Leslie Hooker.

Anoikis is a contemporary dance company dedicated to choreographic and electroacoustic research.  We are committed to performing radical new works that seek to explore the sense of rhizomatic shadow-space that exists between the accepted boundaries (cultural, social, political, economical, historical and psychological) of traditional artistic practice and consumption.  The company has presented work internationally since 2002 and is currently based in North Wales, UK. ‘







Ceremony of Peace and Blessing




The ceremony was lead by a group of women from Wales, Ireland, Germany, The United States and England and represents a thanksgiving or ‘giveaway’ after completing their own respective Rites of Passage ceremonies in the area throughout the preceding week. Their week long Rite of Passage entitled ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ explored identity, transformation and the power of ceremony. It was part of Creative Wales Award recipient Fern Smith’s residency at Aberystwyth Arts Centre made possible with support from Arts Council of Wales.