Tinc y Tannau

Mae Capel y Graig yn falch iawn i groesawu Tinc y Tannau yn ôl.

Preswyliad/Residency II    05/04/18 – 07/04/18

Cyngerdd / Concert

Sianed Jones a / and Ailsa Mair Hughes

Dau lais a dau Bass Viola da Gamba

Two voices and two Bass Viola da Gamba

Sad 7fed Ebrill / Sat 7th April 2018



Preswyliad/Residency I

1/11/17 – 3/11/17

Dau lais a dau Bass Viola da Gamba

Two Base Viola Da Gamba and Two Voices

Sianed Jones a Ailsa Mair Hughes

Tinc y Tannau


Y Capel yn falch iawn o groesawu Sianed Jones a Ailsa Mair Hughes.

Bydd y breswylfa yn rhoi cyfle i Sianed ac Ailsa i gael amser i gydweithio yn greadigol ar waith newydd a ysbrydolwyd gan y profiad o’r wlad o gwmpas. Cyfle i ddatblygu yn ddyfnach eu sgiliau arbennig o addasu ac arbrofi yn annisgwyl. Cynhelir cyngerdd o’r defnydd newydd yn Capel Y Graig yn y Gwanwyn o 2018.

The residency provides Sianed and Ailsa the time to collaborate on new pieces inspired by their environment and to delve deeper into their improvisational practice. A concert of new material will take place at Capel y Graig in the Spring of 2018.


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About Avi Allen

Artist and Co Founder of Lle Celf Capel Y Graig Artspace. I took on Capel Y Graig and its attached Ty Capel in 2003 and spent the next 8 years, together with my dad Chris Allen, restoring and renovating the Capel. During this period I also studied at the West Wales School of The Arts, Carmarthen, gaining a BA Fine Art. I have taught Critical and Contextual Studies at Foundation and BA Level. Within my practice I am interested in revealing and disrupting hierarchies and inherent asymmetrical power relations.

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