The (Re)Conditioning: First Act Towards a Self-Portrait- A re-performance- Jess Rose

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This is the fourth re-performance in a series of seven, titled ‘Kids, Doing Copies’. These pieces are re-compositions of Marina Abramovic’s 7 Easy Pieces, for which the artist re-enacted six seminal performance works from the 1960’s and 70’s, including her own Lips of Thomas. This re-performance re-does Gina Pane’s The Conditioning: FirstAct Towards a Self-Portrait, using the surviving photographs from the original as a conceptual score, and placing them physically within the new performance. This re-do aims to un-do the binary between the live and the mediatized, complicating notions of real-time, and confusing the order of past, present, future.

Viewers are asked to please draw the performance as it unfolds (materials provided).

Duration: 7 minutes

Jess Rose is an Mphil student at Aberystwyth University, investigating and developing performative strategies for the re-use of archival material.

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About Avi Allen

Artist and Co Founder of Lle Celf Capel Y Graig Artspace. I took on Capel Y Graig and its attached Ty Capel in 2003 and spent the next 8 years, together with my dad Chris Allen, restoring and renovating the Capel. During this period I also studied at the West Wales School of The Arts, Carmarthen, gaining a BA Fine Art. I have taught Critical and Contextual Studies at Foundation and BA Level. Within my practice I am interested in revealing and disrupting hierarchies and inherent asymmetrical power relations.

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